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Wendy Ward
Uptown Heating and Cooling gave us a very fair and competitive estimate to replace our 20+ year old HVAC system and we scheduled the install for earlier this week. Geno and David arrived on time and got straight to work. They cleaned up as they went and finished ahead of schedule. They left the work area neat and clean. Both guys were friendly and professional. We are very happy we chose Uptown for our needs and highly recommend this local company.
Zack Kelly
Coming home after a week long vacation to a 50 degree house and night temps going into the teens. Called and was given a number to text. Was responded to within about 20 mins, service was setup and someone got out within a couple hours. Nate was the tech. He was professional and quick. Thank you so much!
Krystal Severance
S Russell
Absolute phenomenal service! I'm so appreciative of their quick response, expert staff and fair prices. I highly recommend Uptown Heating and Cooling!
Johan Friesen
It’s now the new Stop Shop location, great place to back in with Semi, lots of room, great people
Ray Benjamin
Uptown Heating and Cooling replaced our furnace during the cold snap. Doug was prompt, clear and competitive in his quote. Technicians Gino and Craig were professional, respectful and communicated well. They worked diligently and cleaned up after themselves. Very good job! Recommend that you consider Uptown Heating and Cooling for your heating and cooling needs.
Eric Hensley
I would give Uptown Heating and Cooling 6 stars if I could. Furnace went out on the coldest night this year. Called at 6:30 and a human (very friendly lady) answered and scheduled me for first thing (8-10am). Tech showed up, diagnosed the problem (pressure switch), tried a universal one he had in the truck to no avail. Jumpered the furnace to keep a little heat going. He ran downtown Columbus to get the OEM part and heat was back on by 1:30 pm. Super friendly, helpful and definitely an honest company all around. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend this company.
Greg Haemmerle
Where to start.... Nate did a phenomenal job. I was told I needed to replace my furnace because heat exchanger went out. Nate suggested it might be under warranty and after 20 years, there was still a few months left! I had it replaced under warranty for less that 1/4th the cost! I'm soo glad I went through Uptown and specifically Nate! Thanks!
Deanne Kirillow
Located in Westerville
Love this company from the Owner to the servicemen. Very prompt, friendly, professional in all aspects. Doug the owner is wonderful and David and Nate who came out today when my heat wasn't working were so pleasant, knowledgable and extremely helpful and knew the issue right away and got it resolved quickly. I highly recommend this company.
Always on time, courteous, professional. Always explains what was done, issues to watch.
Rebecca Billingslea
Professional and courteous! Thank you!
John Griffin
Highly recommend there Services 👌
Simon Curran
Finally a good heating and cooling company with SMART employees! Hats off to Nate who could have had a master's in engineering for all I knew (I do). I had a few of the local companies come out over the years and for my recent induction motor problem, I had Buckeye Heating and cooling come out and quote $1800+ tax but they really really tried to push a new furnace on me at around $10k... Nate tested my furnace, gave it a clean bill of health, and fixed the induction motor for less than half the price. Fantastic!
Jennifer Alltop
As I begin this, I’m almost certain I will reach the maximum characters allowed for a google review. I want to fully express my gratitude toward the kind, hard-working service people at Uptown. In the wee hours of Oct 17th, a cold spell had come through and alas my furnace would not start. A friend of mine recently had her furnace serviced through a competitor that her home warranty uses. As I work from home, I would be home all day except a 30 min timeframe to pick up my daughter for the service. Let’s just say that ended up with my daughter taking an Uber home as they came at the only time I said I would be gone. Immediately, I was taken aback by what this repairman said. I realize my furnace was quite old, but a Lennox Pulse isn’t exactly a unicorn as he so rudely called it. When I said I wanted it repaired, “I see you like to get every dollar you can out of things”. He didn’t mean that to be a compliment either. The final kicker for my never been married self “ Did your husband look at this?, he asked. I believe this guy thought I had a home warranty and was forced to use his company, so it was no holds barred on the nastiness. He left me feeling completely defeated a feeling I so rarely feel. I searched out my community’s Facebook page, and Uptown lit it up. Anytime someone asked for a HVAC specialist, there was always a recommendation. So I called and was told Nate would be on his way. Yes my 1986 furnace had lived a good life, but unlike the other repairman, Nate had worked on them before. He assured me if it was fixable he would indeed fix it. Unfortunately, after almost 40 years of a life well-lived, my furnace was too tired to go on. When Nate left my home, I knew for certain that Uptown had my seal of approval. Now on to getting the money to replace both units. I called the company and the receptionist was just as kind as Nate. Her family lives in my neighborhood and does the cool Christmas houses. That fact isn’t relevant for this post, it’s only added because I failed to record her name. After unsuccessfully dealing with my 401k for over 1 1/2 months, I decided I would try the financing Uptown lists. In under 5 mins, I was approved, had the papers electronically signed, and set up an appointment. Two amazing men showed up to replace the units, one I believe was named Dave. He asked if he could listen to music. Sure I said, play it loud if you want. So for the next few hours, I enjoyed songs I hadn’t listened to in a while as they worked tirelessly. They arrived at 8 AM and as 3 o’clock approached they wrapped up. I said goodbye to my 1986 Lennox Pulse and 1997 A/C, they had served me well. Now on to bigger and better. Upon leaving, I reached out my hand. Dave (I sure hope that was his name) said his hand may be too dirty, but in my life a days hard work deserves a good hand shake no matter what. The entire experience with Uptown was top notch, the gold standard if you will. From the repair folk to the receptionist, to even the third- party financing they use, just a group of classy, kind people. In the world of HVAC, be an UPTOWN!
Jim Broderick
Old furnace gave up on Tuesday. They got it going Tue eve and gave me a quote for a replacement, I gave the go ahead and Wed morning they showed up first thing. By late afternoon I had a new furnace and A/C. Really good crew and company.
Lauren Carter Best
I will preface this by saying I am a first time home owner, a woman, and don't know much about heating systems; so I knew when I needed my furnace serviced that I could get someone who'd try to rip me off. Sure enough, someone from a different local company came in and tried to charge me thousands of dollars in repairs, which quickly became "you should probably just get a new furnace". I freaked out when that same company showed me their prices for a new furnace (lowest would be 8k). We have a baby on the way and did not want to spend our savings that way if we didn't need to. So I asked around, and many people on my neighborhood recommend I contact Uptown Heating and Cooling for a second opinion. And thank God they did!!!! Nate from uptown came over, did a thorough inspection of the other company's claims, and reassured me that there was no need for me to spend thousands of dollars to fix my furnace. Nate quickly and expertly fixed what absolutely needed to be fixed, told me I didn't need a new furnace unless I wanted one, and educated me on what problems are dangerous versus what's just an older furnace. I was charged the tiniest fraction of what the other company quoted me in repairs, and I was so relieved at Nate's honesty that I started to cry (pregnancy hormones!). We will be using this company from now on. Can't say enough good things!
Kyle Kofsky
I've worked with Uptown exclusively for the past several years, working on everything from trouble shooting to complete system replacement of both heating and cooling. They continue to deliver excellent customer service, responsive communication, and great work overall. At my most recent visit, Nate went above and beyond to inform me on humidifier options, obstacles, and pricing. Thanks again everyone at Uptown!
Bob Cirino
Nate is a very knowledgeable and thorough HVAC technician.
Lucas Elder
Always prompt and professional, easy to work with
Gene Bertsch
Located in Dublin
We have their annual service plan and find their service excellent. Nate is very knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommend!
Hosna Sheikholeslami
Our furnace wasn’t heating properly. Nate came out the same day we called and diagnosed/fixed our problem and provided maintenance. He was knowledgeable, thorough, and provided excellent customer service. Thanks!
Laurie Westhoven
I contacted Uptown Heating and Cooling when my furnace broke. The owner, Doug was extremely helpful in providing reasonable estimates for a new furnace. The techs came out the next morning, installed the furnace and I had heat within four hours. They were professional, courteous and did a great job. I highly recommend Uptown Heating and Cooling.
Sue Loveland
Nate is awesome…very thorough. He does a great job!
Brenda Moncrief
Great Company
Karl Rabold
Uptown recently helped one of our homeowners with some damaged venting from the furnace and hot water heater. Kraig and Geno went out same day and did an excellent job. I have also worked with Nate on several occasions in the past and has done excellent work for me as well. I highly recommend this company and they will get all of our business and referrals.
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